After a successful career as the founding front man of the acclaimed 90’s alternative rock band, The Gufs (Atlantic Records), Nashville-based singer/songwriter and pop artist, Goran, continues to inspire through his heartfelt lyrics and soaring melodies. Goran’s powerful style and distinctly rich vocals, honed from years of touring with alternative rock monsters like Matchbox 20, Jars of Clay, and Tonic and collaborating with hit song writers such as Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi) and Dan Wilson (Adele), lead listeners through a melodic journey of the heart and human experience. His 2019 WAMI-nominated album of the year, Under a Nashville Sky, introduced the world to the newest evolutionary chapter of Goran’s existing acclaimed work, where his alternative rock roots, pop melodies, and killer lyrics collide on an album loaded with emotional twists and turns of life, love, and loss.

A master storyteller through powerful imagery and relatable vignettes, Goran’s third solo album, Airports and Alibis, presents a brilliant reminiscence of past mistakes, present desires, and future hopes. From his extensive catalogue of songs and projects, Goran puts together a powerful Nashville-infused pop experience packed with touching tales of second chances, unanswered prayers, and memories made as time is lost.


Under A Nashville Sky